Casino slots have become very popular among the casino goers. The slots have become very popular because of the fact that they do not require much in-depth knowledge of the game. It is not a mind game, where players need to play strategically and hence, it has become a very popular game. The casino slots have gain momentum over the years and people who come to casino for fun and entertainment find slots very interesting. 

There are many variations in the slots. The games are varied in nature and hence they are loved by everyone. There are numerous types of slots like single line slots, multi line slots, bonus slots and progressive slots.

The single line slots are classic slots that were played during the initial years of its discovery. It date backs to the 1990s. During those years, the gambling halls were set up together with grocery stores for women. The payoffs during that time were gum, candies and later the payoffs were nickels. Bonus slot made entry much later. They usually made company with the single line slots. After a round, the players are taken to the bonus rounds where the players play slots for bonus.

Multi line slots have more than one line of symbols and sometimes they have more than three reels. Multi line slots feature bonus slots, progressive jackpots and even feature slots. Progressive slots have the highest prize money among all the other slot games. When one jackpot is hit, all the other slots are changed.

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