Slot tournaments basically add the competetive factor among all the players apart of fun, thrill and excitement. Sometimes, player’s priority to win the title becomes as important as to win the prize money. Tournaments are favourable because while playing in the tournament a player gets to know his possible losing amount, even if he is off the winning streak. For some players, it can only be the entry amount in a tournament which they can lose. 

After one gets his name on the player’s list of the tournament, one is assigned a session time and a slot machine number to play on. When a game starts, all players get a decided amount of credits, which has to be paid in a specified timeframe. Everytime a player hits the spin button, the credit for a maximum bet, usually three, are deducted from his starting credits. Any credit which has been won is shown on a different meter and a player is not alllowed to play the credit that he has already won. Commonly, every player is given 1,000 credits with 20 minutes to play them.

When the allotted time is over, then the machine locks up and play gets over. The credits which have not been played in that duration are lost and the score is recorded. A winner is determined by comparing your score on your meter with that of the other players.

Tournaments are conducted in sessions since most of the casinos have a limited number of machines with many number of players. After every round gets over, a list is prepared to search for a player with maximum score for that particular round. It allows one player to judge his performance with every round that passes by. This is done till the end of the tournament and the top finisher is adjudged the winner.

These kinds of slot tournaments are open to all and no skill is involved to win them. All you need is a little bit of more luck on your side than that of your competitors. The only strategy one can go with is to play fast.

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