There is no sure-shot method to beat slots using any strategy when playing slot machines in a live casino or any online slot game. However, with a strategy, one can maximize the chances to win and ensure that the money lasts for a longer duration. 

After deciding sit down and play at the casino, it is really very nervous to plan a strategy to remain on the winning side. You need to decide a slot machine with which you want to play. It is done on the basis odds at a particular slot machine and its actual pay table. The strategy is same when it comes to online casinos.

The duration for which your money can last is greatly dependent upon the number of reels you want to play. If the betting amount is small then one is advised to play at a 3 reel slot machine. It is a kind of traditionally styled slot machine where the maximum number of reels that one can spin at a particular instant is three. This decreases the number of betting possibilities and as a result the money lasts for a longer duration even if one bets for the maximum in hope of hitting the jackpot.

One should go for a 5 reel slot machine if he/she desires to enhance the chances to win more with little money. Here, you can bet a little more with but it would always be lesser than playing a 7 reel slot. The chances of winning are more as compared to the 3 reel slot machines.

7 reel slot machines gives the greatest number of betting variations. One can go for the 7 reel slots, when one desires to win more and bet for the maximum as compared to any other kind of slot games. The player can bet various amounts at each spin inspite of how many reels the slot machine has with which he/she is playing.

To play at progressive slots game can be a good thing to do as it adds a fraction of every bet to the overall jackpot of the game until and unless the accumulated amount is won by some player. Here, one should bet the most money in each spin to maximize the chances of hitting the jackpot. However, when in a losing streak, the betting amount should be lessened to recoup the losses and to increase the playing duration instead of betting more and more money into a cold machine.

One should be able to analyze the betting strategy and find out the possible ways to maximize the chances of winning.

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